Bushing Press and Transfer System

Bushing Press and Transfer System

Our Task

Location: Ontario, Canada

Value: $1, 000,000 CAD

Timeline: 27 Weeks

This project was designed and manufactured for a leading international fluid power solutions and powder metal technologies provider. The project consisted of three standalone bushing press stations with a simplified transfer system and a 3-gripper pneumatic linear pick and place mechanism.


Vision Orientation

The Vision Orientation Station is composed of a servo-controlled rotating nest with a camera that turns and properly orientates parts. After the operator places a part onto the conveyor, it is transferred into the cell and handled by crowder and singulation tooling designed by IATGlobal.



The Bearing Press Station utilizes a pneumatic pick and place mechanism with a Servo Rotary Axis on the gripper to detect and align bushing orientation prior to installation. This station was designed to accommodate 30 minutes of production by using an automated bushing feeder.


Quality Control

The Exit Conveyor Station includes high-level sensors that ensure parts are properly removed. Rejected parts are diverted to a run-down chute that holds up to five parts in a lockable box accessible from the outside of the machine.

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