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Valve Actuator Assembly Line

IAT Global designed and manufactured an automated Pneumatic Seat Control Valves Assembly Line. The SMA Valve Assembly Line incorporates eight identical actuator assembly stations, as well as Loctite dispensing equipment, a UV cure, and a pallet line with pallets that complete the actuator assembly to the housing sub-assembly.

Location: Pruszkow, Poland

Value: $4,000,000 USD

Timeline: 53 Weeks

Flex Cell

This project involved the design, manufacture, and install of a multi-machine Sensor Assembly Flex Line for an internationally accredited transportation industry leader. This large project utilized all aspects of IATGlobal’s Engineering, Controls, Manufacturing, and Assembly team to realize the customer’s large-scale requirements.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Value: $2,400,000 CAD

Timeline: 30 Weeks

Leak and Flow Test Stands

IATGlobal designed and manufactured a CPS6 Leak Test Stand and CPS6 Flow Test Stand for an internationally recognized leader in the automotive industry. This project consisted of two standalone dual station calibration stands, both with cycle times equivalent to 14 per part, or 28 seconds at 85% efficiency for two parts.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Value: $554,000 CAD

Timeline: 16 weeks

Bushing Press and Transfer System

This project was designed and manufactured for a leading international fluid power solutions and powder metal technologies provider. The project consisted of three standalone bushing press stations with a simplified transfer system and a 3-gripper pneumatic linear pick and place mechanism.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Value: $1, 000,000 CAD

Timeline: 27 Weeks