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With over 25 years of experience in creating customized production manufacturing solutions, IATGlobal’s experienced team of design engineers, manufacturing assembly specialists, controls and robot programmers, certified electricians, and in-plant installers can bring an end-to-end solution to your toughest production challenges.

Operating from two plants in Southwestern Ontario, our team is ready to bring our best ideas to your production line!

Design & Program Management

Our in-house team of designers brings experience and insight to every project, helping you realize your unique vision with smart, cost-effective design solutions.

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Industrial Automation

Using cutting-edge industrial automation equipment or by developing custom components in-house, our team of highly qualified engineers, electricians, and programmers create intuitive systems that seamlessly integrate with existing setups.

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Machining & Sub-Assembly

Our machining expertise spans two decades and a range of industries. From machine details to complete cells and full assemblies, we manufacture to blueprint specifications and assemble parts on-site to ensure the highest level of quality control.

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Controls & Robot Programming

Our internal team includes designers, programmers, and electrical and robotics specialists to help you integrate robotics into your production, to create and build custom controls systems, and offer you on-site and remote technical support to keep your business online and on track

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