IAT Global was founded on the basis that our business would be successful and grow alongside our customers through the core understanding of being honest and operating with the highest level of integrity. Our Core Values are Integrity, Responsibility and Respect – It is through this framework that our team holds itself to a high standard of business ethics. By working closely and openly with our clients, IAT Global can provide better, and more comprehensive solutions that align with the goals of our customers.

  • Take accountability for our actions, without passing blame
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Maintain truth and high ethical standards in all interactions (both internal and external)
  • Take pride and personal ownership in
    what we do
  • Show a will to win in every aspect of
    our business
  • Stand behind the quality of our work and fulfill promises made to customers
  • Give back to the communities we serve and carry out corporate activity that properly reflects our values
  • Communicate fairly, openly and honestly
  • Work collaboratively to achieve a
    common goal
  • Encourage individual development of
    each other
  • Share knowledge and experiences to
    help others
  • Uphold the environmental values of the communities in which we operate