Location:  Canada, Korea, India, and Turkey
Project Value:  $200,000 to $800,000
Turnaround Time: 6 to 12 Weeks

In-process inspection and testing are required in a number of different automotive manufacturing applications, and these processes can be very laborious and costly. We produce numerous standard and custom testing systems that streamline the quality control process and provide reliable testing results. Our equipment can be found throughout the world, including facilities located in Canada, Korea, India, and Turkey. We are capable or designing systems that perform quality inspections, nondestructive testing, and tolerance gauging to dimensions as tight as ±0.003 mm. These processes are performed through the use of touch probes, two-dimensional laser scanning, vision systems, and air gauging, or a combination of these technologies. The technology used in our inspection and testing equipment is provided by the most reputable names in the industry to ensure that all custom systems perform reliably with minimal required maintenance. Typically inspection and nondestructive testing operations can be performed in as little as 7 to 20 seconds, significantly increasing productivity over the use of manual processes. Additionally, results can be logged directly into the desired databases to meet part traceability standards and provide useful data for lean manufacturing and quality control audits. Most custom inspection, testing, and gauging equipment has a project value of between $200,000 and $800,000 with an average lead time between 6 and 12 weeks for design and fabrication. For additional information about the custom assembly equipment project, contact us directly at info@iatglobalmfg.com.

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