Location:  Canada
Project Value:  $60,000 to $200,000
Turnaround Time:  6 to 12 Weeks

At IAT Global, we design and manufacture innovative assembly and testing solutions that are used in a range of applications throughout the automotive industry. As an industry leader in the design of automated equipment, we produce numerous standalone machines, as well as integrated manufacturing systems for a broad global customer base including facilities located in North America, South America, and Asia. One of the most popular types of standalone systems we produce is leak test systems designed to detect leaks in numerous different types of automotive castings. Our engineering team has an extensive amount of experience in the design and manufacturing of stable fixture sealing systems and is very adept at providing solutions for unique leak testing challenges. We can supply solutions for individual work cells or multiple stations, depending on the given application. Leak testing is critical to the quality and performance of various assemblies throughout the automotive industry. We use only the highest quality gauging and measurement devices to provide reliable testing results that can be quickly obtained. We are often able to achieve cycle times and part to part throughput rates much faster than customers thought possible. Data logging systems are capable of automatically tracking parts and recording test results for use in process control reports and part traceability programs. Automated data logging and record maintenance further adds to the already astounding efficiency of these systems. Standalone test systems typically measure approximately 3 m by 3 m square and are built in 6 to 12 weeks. For additional information about the custom assembly equipment project, contact us directly at info@iatglobalmfg.com.

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