Location:  Canada, Turkey, India, China, and Thailand
Project Value:  $500,000
Turnaround Time:  12 Weeks

The custom assembly equipment and turnkey manufacturing systems we produce at IAT Global are designed to aid lean manufacturing efforts and counteract the challenges of ever-rising labor costs. The equipment shown here is a belt tensioner system that is used by automotive customers in Canada, Turkey, India, China, and Thailand. The flexible base machine can be configured to run a wide range of parts to accommodate the different needs of each location by utilizing part fixtures that are specific to each plant. The standard system measures 12 m by 12 m square and can be configured into a single lean cell or multi-station layout. It is capable of holding angular bearing face measurements to within ±0.3° for precision applications. Servo presses are used to provide unparalleled accuracy and control over the assembly and inspection processes. The semi-automated assembly and gauging system is capable of assembling the five components that comprise the part; inspecting the tensioner vibration dampening torque; and performing plane and height measurements using probes and vector algebra calculations, all in a 20 second cycle time. This project is an example of a standard system that we produce, which can then be customized to meet the needs of a specific facility. Since labor costs vary so drastically throughout the world, the degree of automation that makes the most economic sense is dependent on where the equipment is going to be used. We can build and customize belt tensioner systems with a turnaround time of approximately 12 weeks. For additional information about the custom assembly equipment project, contact us directly at info@iatglobalmfg.com.

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