Leak and Flow Test Stands

Leak and Flow Test Stands

Our Task

Location: Ontario, Canada

Value: $554,000 CAD

Timeline: 16 weeks

IAT Global designed and manufactured a CPS6 Leak Test Stand and CPS6 Flow Test Stand for an internationally recognized leader in the automotive industry. This project consisted of two standalone dual station calibration stands, both with cycle times equivalent to 14 per part, or 28 seconds at 85% efficiency for two parts.


Integrated Design

The controls design of the Flow Test Stand incorporates LabVIEW software, and the machine’s functions are controlled by intricate PLC programming. Once the flow test process has begun, the resistance between the two terminal pins is measured using a four-wire measurement formula.


Manual Changeover

Two identical quick-change fixtures were manufactured for this project to tolerate both CPS6 and OBD part variants, as well as a manual changeover process for an integrated OBD assembly filter attachment.



The Flow Test Stand was given an integrated design to accommodate multiple fixtures to test parts simultaneously. The design included two identical quick-change fixtures that tolerate the CPS6 part variant.

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