Flex Cell

Flex Cell

Our Task

Location: Ontario, Canada

Value: $2,400,000 CAD

Timeline: 30 Weeks

This project involved the design, manufacture, and install of a multi-machine Sensor Assembly Flex Line for an internationally accredited transportation industry leader. This large project utilized all aspects of IATGlobal’s Engineering, Controls, Manufacturing, and Assembly team to realize the customer’s large-scale requirements.


Key Components

Key components of the Flex Line include a Heat Stake PWA system, a Functional Test and Laser Marker, a Line Tray Tender, and a Solder Quality Vision Inspection System. IATGlobal was responsible for designing, sourcing, assembling, wiring, and programming each component of this project.


Heat Stake PWA

The Heat Stake PWA system was designed to have an 8 seconds part-to-part cycle time that is Servo controlled. It is tended by two tray tenders and has two systems in order to meet the required cycle time rate of 8 seconds.


Cycle Time

The Functional Test and Laser Marker has a cycle time of 12 seconds part-to-part based on LabVIEW and setting cycle times being designed to take less than 20 seconds at a time.

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