Location: Poland
Project Value: $3.2 mil CDN
Turnaround Time: 52 Weeks

This complex automated assembly solution was designed and built to meet the needs of an international automotive supplier as they introduced ground breaking new technology to the automotive sensor market in their plant in Poland. The project required a diverse skill set of knowledge and capabilities in unique manufacturing methods, high tolerance machining, and lean design. The product, a small valve actuator, required the sorting, separating, and handling of springs as small as 2mm in diameter x 6mm long, and orienting and installing cupped rubber seal tips only 5mm in diameter. A delicate operation wraps, tensions and trims fine SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) nickel-titanium wire only .05mm (.002”) in diameter. Henkel-Locktite dispensing components applied minute amounts of conformal coating that was then UV cured. Due to the high production rate requirements (1 valve assembly every 2 seconds), modular design employing (5) identical machines, each featuring (2) complete assembly stations allowed for simultaneous production of (10) actuator valves. (10) Kuka robots manipulate the raw housings from a Bosch pallet system, through the assembly process, and deposit a final assembled actuator into a housing on the pallet for output. Hi definition vision and laser measurement tools ensure strict manufacturing tolerances are held and reduce scrap to an absolute minimum. Programming and control is provided through Siemens PLC’s and HMI’s and a PC-based LabVIEW system gathers pertinent data for the SCADA system. IAT Global worked closely with customer teams both here and in Poland to develop a world class manufacturing system for this exciting new product. The design and development of the automation equipment was a dynamic process run concurrently with final development of customer product. For additional information about this automated assembly project or to discuss your own automation needs, contact us directly at info@iatglobalmfg.com.

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