Location: Ontario, Canada
Project Value: $698,000 CDN
Turnaround Time: 32 Weeks

This automated assembly and test solution was produced for an automotive customer for use in their Leamington, Ontario plant. Consisting of (2) interfaced cells, its task is to weld and assemble plastic intake manifolds. Cell #1 accepts and fixtures components for (2) manifolds at a time and presents them to a welder for joining. A robot places the welded manifolds into the insert machine where (8) limiters (bushings) are inserted and (2) M6 threaded inserts are hot pressed in to each manifold. The robot then places the finished manifold assemblies on the outgoing conveyor feeding Cell #2 or on a reject conveyor. This cell makes use of a 60 Kg Kuka robot, a Yamaha 2-axis servo, and (2) step feeders for sorting and presenting limiters and inserts. A semi-automated, operator loaded bypass fixture is included to allow the introduction and presentation of already welded manifolds to the insert station. In Cell #2 Station 1, an operator will load (2) manifolds from Cell #1 and initiate cycle start. Manifolds are automatically sealed up and leak tested in Station 2 where sensors and linear probes also verify that inserts are present and are flush with the carburetor face. Station 3 uses a 6 Kg Kuka robot to pick gaskets from a magazine fixture holding a 2 hour buffer of gaskets on a 6 position Camco rotary indexer. The robot removes the paper backer from the gasket adhesive and applies the gaskets to both manifolds. Station 4 is an Accept/Reject pick and place using a Yamaha 2-axis servo to place finished parts on either an Accept conveyor to present parts to the front or the reject conveyor out the back. Good parts are also date/time stamped with a dot matrix impact marker. Cycle time for this cell is 18 seconds per part (36s/pair) and the project took 32 weeks from launch to delivery. For additional information about this automated assembly project or to discuss your own automation needs, contact us directly at info@iatglobalmfg.com.

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