Our company was formed in November 2016 as a result of an acquisition by Innovative Applied Technologies Inc. of NH Global Design Inc. on July 31, 2016, the combined entities being rebranded under one umbrella, IATGlobal.

IATGlobal’s products and services can be implemented in a diverse array of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Industrial, Oil & Gas, and Machine Tool amongst others. Our organization works with Tier 1 & 2 suppliers as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to simplify the manufacturing process and to create the most cost efficient method to achieve the end result. With a full complement of design and build services, IATGlobal has the ability to create fully custom manufacturing solutions for our many satisfied clients.

Innovative Applied Technologies Inc. (“IAT”) was formed through the Mizon Machine Group as a design and build source of automation and special equipment, largely serving the Weld and Machine Tool industry. Mizon Machine Inc. was incorporated in 1993 and over time has evolved to become IAT  as we currently operate and are known by our customers today. Located in Windsor, ON Canada, IAT is a well-recognized leader in high precision machining and assembly of machine tool details and work holding fixtures that serves customers across the globe.

In November 2016, IAT relocated into a brand new, 27,000 SF state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at 288 Patillo Road in Tecumseh, ON, and has  been rebranded as “IATGlobal” in concert with its subsidiary NH Global Design Inc. IAT Global’s team is excited at the prospect of better serving our customers with a new facility, new machining centers and an expanded capability in automation design and build!

NH Global Design Inc. Since its start up in 1995, NH Global Design Inc. (“NHG”) has continued to build on its founding vision of manufacturing custom quality equipment that would surpass customer expectations. This involves the conceptualization and manufacture of a wide range of custom applications such as assembly and test equipment, automation, special machines, and robotic work handling.

Within NHG’s recently expanded 27,600 SF North American headquarters in Chatham, ON, Canada, the company’s team of in house mechanical designers, manufacturing, Controls, and electrical design departments work closely to integrate client needs utilizing industry-leading technologies.

Well established as a premier supplier to the automotive industry and other industrial sectors, NHG provides complete manufacturing automation turnkey solutions from concept to completion. In its combination with IAT, NHG seeks to bring its automation expertise to broader industries within the global marketplace.

The Regency Group. With over $175 Million in assets under management, The Regency Group (“TRG”) holds a diverse portfolio of private capital investments and has built on the manufacturing base it currently holds in SW Ontario, Canada with acquisitions in Winnipeg, MB, Canada and Fargo, ND, USA. TRG has consolidated manufacturing companies with a footprint of over 135,000 SF in floor space and continues to expand its direct investment portfolio into various other verticals.

TRG acquired IAT on October 31, 2015 and has since been instrumental in supporting the strategic operations of IAT, including acquiring 4.5 acres in Windsor, ON, Canada to develop IAT’s state of the art manufacturing facility as well as acquiring the operations of NHG.

In its controlling capacity on the board of directors, TRG’s role is to continue to support and develop IAT’s management team in executing on the company’s vision of becoming a world class manufacturing services company, bringing highly engineered automation and work holding fixture projects from design through to delivery and long term servicing. (www.regencygroupcda.com)